avs. kino serie#4 Norman McLaren


Norman McLaren


november 2014

Norman McLaren

Born in Stirling, Scotland, in 1914, Norman  McLaren, the founder of the NFB’s animation studio, succeeded in giving Canadian animation a vision and direction that still endures today, long after he was hired by John Grierson in 1941. McLaren refused to accept the simple narrative that claimed cinema had been invented by the Lumi√®re brothers in 1895; he was of the opinion that the art form had yet to fully come into its own, and that research and experimentation were the natural ingredients of artistic creation. He thus emerged as a pioneer of countless techniques that have become hallmarks of animation: drawing and engraving on film, cross-dissolves, pixillation, synthesized sound, and many others. Pre-existing methods and formulas had no place in his approach. Uncommon boldness and originality were the creative sources for all his work.