Compounds of a Prism / The Merz Dungeon of Dreams Homage to Kurt Schwitters

Compounds of a Prism 

another vacant space

                                      compounds of a prism Daniel Kupferberg 2012                                

Compounds of a Prism 

23 August 2012. 7pm

Stephan Apicella-Hitchcock

Jenny Brown

Misha Dare

Mitya Churikov

Thomas Draschan

James Edmonds

Petra Graf

Elmar Kaiser

Daniel Kupferberg

Roberta Kravitz

Minka Maslowski

Lizza May David

David Medalla

Lauren Moffatt

Adam Nankervis

Paul Rascheja

Carlos Silva

Carolyn Sittig

Niana Sobell

Ivor Stodolsky

Kai Teichert

Valerie Vivancos

Deborah Wargon

Anja Ziegler

The essence of this exhibition is to take a microcosmic element of an artists' practice, an artists' work, a fragment, a kernel to be installed in a vitrine case within the space. This element may be a sketch, an object, a notation to be exhibited as part of a whole in homage to the artist Kurt Schwitters.

David Medalla will be performing Songs from the Merz dungeon of Dreams as a part of his ongoing homage(s) to the artist Kurt Schwitters.